Now You're Cooking

Swedish creative agency House of Radon have set up a food-themed Tumblr campaign for Electrolux (NowYoureCooking) that features a series of cook-along videos... objasnjava nam CreativeReview.

I nastavlja: House of Radon's new campaign for Electrolux revolves around the idea that people don't use their recipe books anymore; these days it's all about balancing your iPhone on the edge of the counter, and trying not to smear it with foodstuffs while you follow a recipe online.

Inspiracija za tipografiju: A bespoke hand rendered typeface, based on House Industries' Neutra Display, was created for use across the site, the agency tells us, which is designed to evoke the art deco era, and reinforce the food theme by resembling the handpainted letterforms found in French bistros of the 20s and 30s.

Jedini minus je to sto se serijal uskoro zavrsava, cim se obelodani svih osam film recepata. Mozda ce, ako odjek publike bude dovoljno veliki, nastaviti sa snimanjem. Moj glas imaju.

Agency: House of Radon
Client: Electrolux
Creative Director:
Victor Köhler and David Dworsky 
Client Director: Philip Marthinsen
Art Director: Albin Holmqvist
Digital PR: Louise Ljungberg
Producer: Amanda Nordlöw
Victor Köhler & Albin Holmqvist 
D.O.P: Hannes Isaksson
Food stylist: Cilla Göthlinder
Copywriter: Samuel Sweetman
Developer: August Björnberg

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