Freitag torbe su u svetu postale obozavane cim su se pojavile i pored visokih cena koje su me uvek zbunjivale s obzirom na koncept recikliranja cirada kamiona i njihovog novog zivota u formi torbi.

Uglavnom, ovo nisu samo muske torbe, ali pripadaju ovoj seriji postova jer imaju taj nekakav new roughness s poreklom iz devedesetih. Ako mene pitate uz ove torbe kao muzicka podloga dobro paše Ian Brown. Elektronski ispolirano i industrijski rrrough.


In 1993, two graphic designers, the brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag, looked for a functional, watertight and robust bag for their designs. Inspired by the multicoloured heavy traffic that hummed through the Zurich transit intersection in front of their flat, they designed a Messenger Bag made of old truck tarpaulins, used cycle inner tubes and car seat belts. This is how the first FREITAG bags took shape in the lounge of their shared flat – each one a unique item. Unintentionally, the brothers set off a new wave in the bag world. Yesterday, today and tomorrow: FREITAG bags are designed, cut and packaged in Zurich. 

FREITAG is offering two lines of bags: the tried and tested FUNDAMENTALS with 40 models, which are continually upgraded, and the new REFERENCE line, which will be launched in seasonal collections. Every six months the existing collection, which includes 6 models for ladies and 8 for men, is replaced and complemented by a variety of new designs and colours.

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  1. ajme šta je ovo dobro, zašto niko nije komentirao? :O

    1. zato imamo box "I LOVE IT" ;)
      a evo sad imamo i komentar odusevljenja.
      i ja sam potpuno zaljubljena u ovu ideju i izvedbu.

    2. da, tek sad vidim 11 lajkova! ćorava ja.

    3. Neka, neka, s obzirom na nezaobilazni word check, komentar racunam kao dva lajka ;p


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