Color Notes No.27: RUIN

So this is how things were these days behind the scenes...

These days I felt like this poor pit bull

and i've been fighting fire with fire

but the only way is up from this point, i guess

need a break. break as in pause, not break like in fracture

feeling like a ruin

and I feel I must respect it in order to grow from it

magic of the soothing scent

rebuilding my calm

a cup or two of my lotus, sakura, rose, jasmin and lavender teas

a few nice clear sunsets

good night sleeps in a cozy bed

cloudy sofas to curl up in

proper morning coffee

and the smell of freshly baked bread

making you stand straight again even though still holding to your one solid pillar

standing straight on my own (but certainly not alone) seems a bit too far. i'll just take it slowly.


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