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OBOZAVAM SADASNJE vreme i ne bih htela da zivim ni u jednom drugom. Uzivam posmatrajuci kako se sve ono sto je osamdesetih nastalo u nekoj osnovnoj, integralnoj verziji sada rascvetava u svojoj punoj upotrebi. Nije to pitanje samog sakupljanja ili posedovanja novotarija. Cak i tu rec gedzeti BAS ne ljubim i cim smislim neku novu, ova leti. Kada prikupim neku kolicinu svojih favorita na gomilu shvatim sta im je zajednicka crta.

Ovoga puta, osim sto je, ocigledno, u pitanju izbor belih stvarcica, zajednicko im je to da svi imaju nekakvu dusu. Oni ne samo da olaksavaju svakodnevno funkcionisanje nego i znacajno razvedravaju dan. I na kraju, zbog svojih gabarita i namene zgodno ih je nositi sa sobom, pa ih je tako i lako usvojiti kao kucne ljubimce. Sve je pocelo sa Tamagochijem, ali je to otislo daleko i na razlicite strane. Pocinjemo i zavrsavamo sa tastaturom. Uzivajte!

t: USB Flexible Keyboard
Note: soft foldable washable molded silicon (con: ugly cable)
More info: usbgeek
How much:
Mini Keyboard (85 Keys) - US$ 22.00
Full size Keyboard (109 Keys)- US$ 26.00

What: Active Crystals USB Memory Key 2 GB Robot Happy Laura by Philips and Swarovski
Note: available in black (and called Naughty Raymond)
More info: Philips
How much: $180

What: TOMY Flip-Flap Solar Powered Cybernetic Plant
Note: 3 swing modes
More info: watch it dance
How much: $30, more or less

What: iPod Box Speaker
Note: school project smart
More info: thanks to NotCot again
How much: $40

Note: i so want this!
More info: he's alive! + his homepage
How much: $50

What: WACOM Graphire4 Classic A6 WHITE
Note: i'm buying this as a reward for the next accomplishment
More info: official blah-blah
How much: $100

What: jstory Cable Manager Highway rabbit in White
Note: so neat and i acctually need this one. and not only in white
More info: jstory
How much: no idea

What: CMYK pen
Note: i really do carry one of those multi color pens around all the time
More info: Roma Lubimov at Behance
How much: just an idea but what a fab one

What: mix-style Bath Planetarium
Note: why exclusively "bath"?
More info: Japan tech goodies secret HQ
How much: $80

What: Solar Charger ECO Cell Phone Strap Super Mini
Note: good food for your mobile
More info: commercial + be sure to check compatibility list
How much: $20

What: Pocket Light
Note: so romantech
More info: designer's blog
How much: award winning prototype for now

What: Optimus Maximus keyboard in White
Note: my dream-come-true keyboard. is it too glossy?
More info: that's the man, Art Lebedev + he'll tell you a bit about it + ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony
How much: approx. $1681.77

thanks to NotCot and Colette

I LOVE PRESENT time and wouldn't want to live any time else. I enjoy watching all those basic tech things from 80's making it into their full bloom as we speak. It is absolutely not about collecting something or possessing all the novelties. For start, I SO dislike this word - gadget. If I think of another all replace it right away. Anyway, only when some kind of a small wish list of mine gathers spontaneously over a period of time that's when I realize what's the thing that 's linking them.

This time, besides the obvious and ephemeral, the appearance, they're all white, all these thingies have some kind of a soul. Not only they make it easier but they lighten up the day. And finally, because of their features, usability and size, they're easy to carry around and bond to, like they're some kind of pets or something... It all started with Tamagotchi, but it went very far and in various directions, and here we are. So enjoy!

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