It's iPad

Stiv Dzobs na sceni u farmerkama i crnoj rolci - ergo - nesto novo super fly for a Mac guy.

Nemamo prostora i vremena za ceo keynote, samo promo. Dakle, Dzoni umesto Stiva. Mislim, klasicno lozenje, ali sta bi covecanstvo bez lozenja. Nesto iz te Apple armije pazljivo frustrirajuce orkestriranih apdejtova i apgrejdova legne, a nesto ne. Meni je iPad leg'o.

Bas kada razmisljam o uskorobuducem elektronicko-radnom okruzenju pojavi se ovaj slimster i donekle me opredeli - MacBookPro 17'' it is. Pro da sedi kod kuce, a Pad se nosa sa sobom. Kada bi sada izbacili neki simplifikovani telefon, MacBookPro17", iPad i basic iPhone bi bila moja perfektna trifla od jabuke.

p.s. Inside story - kako Steve Jobs brifuje dizajnere kad treba da naprave Buy dugme: Make it lickable. Ne, ne klikabl, likabl.

Steve Jobs on the stage wearing jeans and black turtleneck - ergo - something new super fly for a Mac guy.

No space and time for the entire keynote here, just promo video. So here's Jony instead of Steve. I mean, it's your classic hype, but then again, where would our world be without that hype. Some of those carefully and frustratingly orchestrated updates and upgrades fits your current needs, some don't. iPad fits me more than fine. Just when I'm thinking of my next workstation this slimster pops up, and makes me decide in a snap - MacBookPro 17" it is. Pro to stay, Pad to go. I hope the next thing they're going to give us will be simplified version of the phone to match this new set of mine.
MacBookPro17", iPad and that basic iPhone would then make my perfect Apple Trifle.

p.s. Inside story - Steve Jobs' brief to designers making BUY button: Make it lickable. No, not clickable, lickable.

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  1. its too bad that you cant multitask on it. and no usb plug either :(

  2. i actually love this range of options, suits ME great, but i can understand that people could find it short with these things you mentioned. bear in mind that they still have to keep other products, macbookair would parish if ipad would have more than it has at this point.


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