Hermès Neckties


ANOTHER BRILLIANT Designboom competition: les cravates par Hermès.

The task: you are asked to develop a new pattern that could be either a re-interpretation of the Hermes classic patterns (equestrian -, sport -, marine theme, whimsical animal motifs, geometric variations including stripes, plant and flower designs and the H delicately imprinted across the surface of the tie) or something completely different, that could be used for the silk-screen printing - or weaving technique.

If you're not familiar with their tone of voice, I'll recommend their web site once again, since that is one bottomless inspiration well for me ever since I first found it. Here's a snapshot from this particular place from the World of Hermès filled with fathers and sons wearing Gatsby neckties in those cool black and white photo booths.

Prizes and prestige included, but the beauty of having a chance to be a part of Hermès is above all as far as I'm concerned. Register and submit your designs at Designboom through August 1st, 2009.


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