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NOVI HANAMI. Uzivanje u tresnjama u cvatu. Kliknite na ova dva dvolista, zumirajte, procitajte moj romansirani Hanami za pocetnike u novoj listi zelja koju sam priredila specijalno za aprilsku Sensu. Upravo izasla iz stampe.

I to eto, bas danas, kada smo dobili vize za Japan. Cak i japanske vize imaju sakura cvetice na sebi, to sigurno niste znali! Eto! It's official. Idemo u Japan! Iako je ideja bila da potrefimo bas hanami, tada ce vec popadati svi cvetici sa drveca. Nema veze, kaze Irena da to ionako nije kao u mojoj cvetnoj listi zelja, u stvarnosti, izgleda da Japanci hanami vise vide kao izgovor da odu u parkove da bance. Hm... da da sigurno bih se razocarala... sigurno... jel da da bih...?.. Nasla sam danas na flickru jedan super lep i cini mi se realistican set fotki iz Tokijskog Ueno Parka. Sveze su, od pre samo par dana. Divota i vasar istovremeno. To ti je zivot.

NEW HANAMI. Cherry blossom viewing. In my brand new special wish list for Sensa mag's April issue people here will be able to read one romantic story on Hanami. Fresh off the boat. Since you can zoom in but cannot read the article, it is about wishing to go and visit places but it is also lovely to know how to see that the things you love exist also in front of your nose. So my wish is to see Hanami in Japan but I enjoy it here in Belgrade also. And after making this article, the city's blooming and smelling more wonderful than ever, I can tell you that.

April issue of Sensa it is out today, the same day we got our visas to visit Japan. Even JPN visas have Sakura blossoms on them. So it's official. We're going to Japan! Though it was the whole idea to use this spring break to visit Japan in Hanami time, it seems we're going to miss it. Never mind, according to Irena it is not as charming as I imagine it to be. It's more like some kind of excuse to get to the park and get excessively drunk... It seems I would be extremely dissapointed... I would be... wouldn't I...?.. Today I found this lovely photo set on flickr, these were all taken a few days ago in Tokyo's Ueno park. Beauty and a noisy fair at the same time. That's life for you.

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  1. unazukin is so cute..the articles are pretty with so many whimsy stuff! thanks for sharing dear!


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