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BLOGIC JE DOZIVEO mini pimp u vidu izmenica u html kodu koje ga sada cine jedinstvenim.

Skrecem vasu cenjenu paznju na desnu slajfnu. Tu je VELIKI CRNI SAT, taman po meri bocne vertikale, svaki pixel zauzet. Onda, Google custom search polje u koje unesete pojam koji zelite da pronadjete u svim postojecim postovima na mom blogicu. I finally, polje LISTEN je dobilo jedinstveni izgled tako sto mu je primarni font umesto fonta Georgia postao Garamond. Lep je, pa makar i u ovoj sistemskoj verziji.

I pre svega, HEADER. Vreme je za neku malu promenu, a posto ne bojim kosu, menjam header na blogu. * ^ _ ^ *

Bice jos kastomizovanja, ozbiljnijih, u skladu sa nadolazecim portfolio sajtom. Sooooon!

Chip tunnig custom master:
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||| . ^
( :;:::::;: )

THIS LITTLE BLOG had a bit of pimpin'. Some bits of its html code changes to make it fit me.
I draw you attention to the right. There's this BIG BLACK CLOCK, fitting right to the vertical space, every pixel occupied, no room left there. Then there's
Google custom search field where you can enter specific term you want to find on this blog of mine. Finally, LISTEN field, the one with the quotes got its unique look by getting Garamond as the primary font insted of Georgia. I love garamond even in this system version of the font. But above all, THE HEADER. It was the time for a bit of change, and since I do not dye my hair, I'm changing my blog's header. * ^ _ ^ * More customizing to come, more serious ones, and in accordance to my forthcoming portfolio site. Sooooon!

Chip tunnig custom master:
^ . ||| . ^
( :;::::::;: )

2 коментара:

  1. were you inspired by this?


    but seriously is that not the chicest store brand packaging?

  2. oh, i haven't seen these for a while... yes they're are lovely! i guess everything you see sticks to your mind and pops out here and there looking a bit like this or that...


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