1914, Giverny

The footage was produced by Sacha Guitry for his project Ceux de Chez Nous, or “Those of Our Land.” It was shot in the summer of 1914, when Monet was 74 years old.

It was not the best time in Monet’s life. His second wife and eldest son had both died in the past few years, and his eyesight was getting progressively worse due to cataracts.

But despite the emotional and physical setbacks, Monet would soon rebound, making the last decade of his life (he died in 1926 at the age of 86) an extremely productive period in which he painted many of his most famous studies of water lilies.
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  1. hmm, Giverny nije rezerviran samo za proleče!
    u BW izvedbi je tako nekako "japanska kulisa"..u pozitivi naravno


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