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IAKO POSTOJI jos od 2004, vino Sofia Mini se u mom univerzumu tek nedavno pojavilo zahvaljujuci DIELINE sajtu koji se bavi iskljucivo dizajnom ambalaze prikupljajuci zanimljivosti sirom sveta. Sofia Mini je penusavo vince iz Bianco&Rosso, vinarije Francisa Forda Coppole i trece vino u Sofia opusu, posvecenom njegovoj cerki i slicnim smizlama worldwide. Uz svaku konzervu dobija se slamcica.

O tonu koji ono nosi mozete saznati iz promo fotki (ovo gore je bila jedna od njih), kao i iz promo filmica (again, ovo gore je jedan od njih) i muzike u Style delu sajta i gomilice kljucnih reci koje se tamo vrzmaju, ali mi se cini da je ova fotka duchamp blinks najadekvatniji opis konstantnog i nepokolebljivog uzivantskog zivotnog moda koji Sofia Mini podstice kod prijemcivih pojedinaca, such as myself. Silno se nadam jednom ovakvom pikniku na prolece...

Perfektan prikaz pravog glamuroznog zivota i sustinskog stila po mojim arshinima dao je Andrew Durham koji je za New York Times napravio set Sofijinih fotki za vreme njenog boravka u Parizu tokom snimanja Marije Antoanete. Udahnite duboko, evo nekih od njih:


EVEN THOUGH it's been released back in 2004, the sparkling wine
Sofia Mini appeared in my universe just a month ago thanks to DIELINE package design website. Sofia Mini comes from Bianco&Rosso, Francis Ford Coppola's winery and it is the third one in Sofia wine range, dedicated to his daughter and savvy gals alike. There's a straw with every can.

You'll find a whole lot about the atmosphere looking at the promo photos and clips (one of each shown here, see image), checking the music selection at the Style section of the Sofia Mini mini-site, and browsing through the keywords there, but I think that the photo by
duchamp blinks is the most accurate real life description of what Sofia Mini is boosting in a pervious one - a constant and consistent joie de vivre tone. I am so looking forward to one of these picnics this spring...
A perfect insight to a real glamurous life and a crucial sense in style according to my measures and taste is given by Andrew Durham, who made this incredible set of photos for New York Times. Sofia in Paris during the filming of her movie Marie Antoinette.
Take a deep breath, here a some of the photos: see images

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  1. totally remember when this launched. it's definitely got sofia's stamp. that color is really evocative of sofia's subtle glamour.
    i'm guessing the packaging/design was a collabortive effort though? sofia seems like she'd want a great deal of stylistic and aesthetic control over her creative projects and products. sort of the female wes anderson. vague yet very specific.
    even though i'd like to see sofia sex it up on occasion i do respect her modesty in the age of in your face flash and bling-bling.
    i'd rock that alaia dress for the fitting
    w/ white dashes, raw edges and all.
    undone glamour, literally.

  2. i adore your comments to my posts! keep them coming!


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